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Ceramic is a inorganic composite formed by the following materials: clay, feldspar, sand, iron oxide, alumina and quartz.

Ceramic is used to produce many articles for the art, the decorating, the furnishing. It's naturally in white color, can be painted as final finishing. The firing temperature can variate from 1000° to 1200° according to the several types of final product (gres, maiolica, clay, terracotta), firing can be done single or twice.

Glazing the Ceramic
The glazing of the ceramic (trasparent or colored) achieves two goals: technical (waterproofing and thermoinsulance) and estethical (shiny surface); it can be done between the first and second firing or just before the single firing.

Terracotta is a kind of ceramic with a variation of color upon firing from yellow to "brick red", due to the iron oxides and salts. The firing temperature is generally slightly below 1000°. Iron Oxide can, besides color, provide also better mechanical strenght.

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