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Assistance to the R&D of the Customer
Engeneering and Industrialization of the Original Project, Models and Theorical Simulations, Prototipization with the Solutions that will be processed in the Serial Production, Study of the Final Packaging.

Assistance to the Purchasing Departments of the Customer
Organization of New Supply Chains, linking several Producers of our Network when necessary, in order to get a Master Supplier as unique interface of the Customer.

Assistance to the Production of the Outsourcing Provider
Study of the better solutions in the Purchasing Procedures of Components rather than Finishes required to the get the ultimate Product.

Assistance to the Quality Control of the Customer and the Outsourcing Provider
Organization of the quality control Procedures for the Serial Production, Regular Surveys and detailed Reports to the Customer

Assistance to the Logistic of the Outsourcing Provider
Project of a Logistic Service including additional spaces for Shipments to the final Destinations of the Customer, when required. Follow up to the Load preparation, documents and relationships with the Transporters and Forwarders.