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1. Personal data processing

Access to some sections of the Website "" (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") and/or any requests for information and services from users of the Website may require users to enter personal data. The official Data Controller is Studio Angelo Gennari (hereinafter referred to as "Studio Angelo Gennari") who will ensure that the data is processed pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 "Code on the Protection of Personal Data" (hereinafter the "Code").

This privacy policy aims to inform users on how Studio Angelo Gennari will use their personal data before they access the various sections of the Website and before they enter their data. Therefore, users are required to read this privacy policy upon registering with the Website.

The privacy policy is followed by the terms and conditions on which users may agree to waive rights on ideas, images, comments, catchphrases associated with the subject matter of the Website, the material and any other information produced by users and published by them on the Website ("Contributions") and giving permission to use any images that users may have supplied to Studio Angelo Gennari.

2. Purpose of data processing

In accordance with the requirements expressed each time by users accessing the various sections of the Website (and subject to special regulations and privacy policies for the individual operations requiring entry of specific personal data, as published on the Website), we are listing below the purpose for processing of personal data, i.e. data supplied directly by users when completing online forms or using social networks (see following section on "Character of the provision of Personal Data and procedure") or data acquired automatically (see section on "Categories of Personal Data subject to processing") (hereinafter "Personal Data"):

  1. to allow registration on the Website, required for access to particular sections of the Website itself or to deliver and manage the various services offered;
  2. to enable users to publish Contributions directly on the Website, or on Websites managed independently by third parties with whom Studio Angelo Gennari may have reached agreements, such as, inter alia, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. (hereinafter "Social Networks"); the publication of Contributions could also take place with a nickname chosen during registration with the Website and in some cases to the image associated by the user to the nickname with respect to which:
    • the user will be exclusively responsible for any choice that might damage the interest of third parties;
    • users are not required to use personal data that will enable third parties other than Studio Angelo Gennari to identify them but the user, through Studio Angelo Gennari, could disseminate personal data if they have been included in the nickname, or through any photo associated with one's profile.
  3. to carry out marketing activities such as sending Studio Angelo Gennari's promotional and advertising material, including by email, mms and sms messages, provided the user has given permission and only until such permission is revoked.
  4. to carry out studies on consumption or choice habits and define the profile of users through the information supplied by them during registration, by completing questionnaires or based on actions performed or information provided during navigation of the Website. The studies will be subject to user's permission and only until such permission is revoked, they will comply with all legal requirements and will be aimed at personalising the users' experience of the Website and improving the services and products offered by Studio Angelo Gennari to their customers.
  5. to answer users' questions about Studio Angelo Gennari products, advertising, or about the Website (section "Contact Us" on the Website).

Users' registration with the Website is not required for the supply of some of the services offered by Studio Angelo Gennari (e.g. those mentioned in paragraph 'e' above). However, in order to fulfil users’ requests relating to these services, they will be asked to supply personal data to be used solely for related purposes and strictly for the time required.

3. Processing procedures

Personal Data will be processed mainly in electronic form using software strictly related to the uses outlined above.

4. Character of the provision of Personal Data and procedure

The provision of personal data is optional, but mandatory only for some personal data (i.e. data fields marked with an asterisk) to enable Studio Angelo Gennari to meet the user's needs with respect to Website functions. For fields marked with an asterisk, which contain data needed for the delivery of the required service, failure to provide the Personal Data, or providing incomplete or incorrect data, will make such delivery impossible; whereas failure to provide optional Personal Data or providing incomplete or incorrect data will not have any consequence.

The provision of Personal Data can be done by filling in appropriate fields in the various sections of the Site.

In the provision of Personal Data by filling in the appropriate fields, if the user has failed to provide one or more mandatory data, an error message will be displayed by Studio Angelo Gennari with the list of missing mandatory Personal Data.

5. Categories of Personal Data subject to processing

In addition to the Personal Data provided directly by users (such as name, last name, mailing address, e-mail, password, age, date of birth, gender, image, profession, marital status, etc.), when connecting to the Website, the information systems and software procedures involved in the operation of the Website submit and/or acquire automatically and indirectly some information that may contain personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the use of the Internet communication protocols (such as, by way of example but not limited to, the so-called "cookies" (as further specified below), "IP" addresses, domain names of the computers used by the users who connect to the website, "Url" addresses of the required resources, time of the request to the server).

6. Use of cookies

Cookies are lines of text that act as computer tracks sent by a server (in this case, the server of this Website) to the appliance of a user (generally to the Internet browser) when he/she accesses a given page on a website; cookies are automatically stored by the user's browser and retransmitted to the server that generated them each time the user accesses the same Internet page. This way, for example, cookies enable and/or facilitate access to some Internet pages to improve user navigation, or allow the storage of pages visited and other specific information, such as pages viewed most frequently, connection errors, etc. Therefore, for easier, complete use of this Website, we advise users to configure their browser to accept these cookies.

Browsers are often set to automatically accept cookies. However, users can change the default configuration in order to disable or delete cookies (each time or permanently), with the consequence that the optimal use of some areas of the Website may be prevented. Users can also check the methods used and types of cookies that are stored on their browser by changing the cookie settings in their browser.

7. Cookies types and management

With regard to the nature and characteristics of cookies, we can distinguish several categories:

  1. Technical cookies or strictly necessary cookies: these cookies are necessary for navigation on a Website and use of its functions, such as to enable proper viewing or access restricted areas. Therefore disabling these cookies prevents such activities.
    • Performance cookies: These cookies gather information on a Website's efficiency in responding to anonymous user requests, with the only purpose of improving the Website's functions; for example, what pages are visited by the user most frequently and whether there were errors or delays in the delivery of web pages.
    • Functionality cookies: these cookies allow the Website to remember the choices made by the user and bring them up again subsequent accesses in order to provide better, customised services: for example, they can be used to propose contents that are similar to any requested by the user previously.
  2. Targeting cookies which are used to show users adverts that are potentially relevant to their interests, based on information gathered during navigation. They are used, for example, to restrict delivery of a given advert, or to measure the effectiveness of a campaign based on the frequency of display of the relevant advert. These cookies can also be delivered by a third party, including on behalf of advertisers. Users can accept or reject these cookies expressing consent ('opt-in') before cookies are provided.
  3. Third Party Cookies are necessarily originated and installed by an external, always referred to as "third party", not managed by the Site. Such persons may possibly install first-party cookies, saving on the domain of the Site their own cookies. In the case of third-party cookies, the site does not have a direct control of individual cookies and can not handle them (or can not install them directly or delete them). The user can manage these cookies through the browser settings (follow the instructions below), or sites listed in the "Manage Cookies". Users are therefore advised to check the website of the third party indicated in the table below.

8. Cookie on this Website

This Website uses cookies (logically grouped in functionality or supplier) as listed below. The third-party cookies are connecting to the information of the privacy of its external supplier, where you can find a detailed description of each cookie and the treatment which it is put.

  1. Technical cookies
    The Website uses cookies solely to provide technical services properly offered to Members and to safeguard the security and privacy of the same.
  2. Targeting cookies
    The Website does not use any cookies with direct mode having such end.
  3. Third Party Cookies
    The Website does not use any cookies with direct mode having such end.

9. Opting out of cookies

The legislation on the protection of personal data envisages that users can opt out of cookies that have already been delivered. The opt-out procedure is offered for "technical cookies" (art. 122 of the Code), as well as for cookies that are not part of the "technical cookies" previously accepted ('opt-in') by the user.

Based on this distinction, the user can disable and/or delete cookies through the relevant browser settings and disable and/or delete individual non-technical cookies delivered by third parties by accessing the website managed by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) at the address

For more information you can also consult the following sites:

These websites are not managed by the Data Controller, who therefore shall not be responsible for their contents.

How to enable or disable browser cookies: users can block cookies from their navigation browser. However, this could prevent correct performance of some functions in the web pages.

Below, we are providing links to the main browsers' directions for blocking navigation cookies:

10. Categories of subjects who may access the users' Personal Data

Personal Data may be accessed by the Data Controller's employees or staff of who, operating under the direct authority of the Data Controller, are appointed as data processing managers or clerks pursuant to Articles 29 and 30 of the Code and who will be suitably trained for the task; similarly, the managers appointed by the Data Controller will be responsible for ensuring the training of their employees or collaborators.

11. Scope of communication or disclosure of users' Personal Data

The Personal Data provided by users shall not be communicated to third parties, unless users have inserted personal data in their nicknames or supplied their image, in which case personal data may be communicated to third parties with which Studio Angelo Gennari has reached agreements for publication on their Websites, and thus disclosed therein.

12. Data Controller and Data Processing Officers

The Data Controller is Studio Angelo Gennari, with headquarters in Parma, Via della Costituente, 2 - 43125 (PR).

13. User rights pursuant to art. 7 of the Code

"Article 7 - Right to access personal data and other rights"

  1. The data subject has the right to receive confirmation of the existence or non-existence of personal information about him/her, even if this data has not yet been recorded, and for this data to be communicated to him/her in an intelligible form.
  2. The data subject also has the right to be informed of:
    1. the origin of the personal data;
    2. the purposes and methods of the data processing;
    3. the programme used in the event of the data being processed using electronic means;
    4. details identifying the Data Controller, the data processors and the appointed representative pursuant to Article 5, paragraph 2;
    5. the subjects or categories of subjects to whom personal information may be disclosed or who may gain knowledge thereof in their capacity as appointed representatives for the country, data processors or officers.
  3. The data subject has the right to receive:
    1. an update, rectification or, if he or she requests it, an addition to the data;
    2. the cancellation or change to anonymous status or a block on the data processed in breach of the law, including personal data that is not required to be stored for the purposes for which the data was initially collected or subsequently processed;
    3. a declaration that the operations specified under (a) and (b) and their contents, have been reported to the persons to whom personal data was disclosed or disseminated, except where this is impossible or implies the use of means that are clearly disproportionate compared to the rights protected.
  4. The data subject has the right to fully or partially object to:
    1. the processing of his/her personal data, for legitimate reasons, even if this data is relevant for the purpose for which the data was collected;
    2. the processing of personal data relating to him/her for the purpose of sending advertising material or for direct sales, or for carrying out market research or marketing communications.

14. How to exercise rights pursuant to art. 7 and to get to know the list of Data Processing Officers

The user may at any time, exercise the rights referred to in art. 7 of the Code by sending an e-mail message or a letter sent by ordinary mail to the Data Controller of the personal data concerned.

It also, if user have allowed may oppose processing for the purposes mentioned in the previous article by sending a specific request to the data controller by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

15. Waiver of rights on Contributions and permission to use images

Iscrivendosi al Sito, l'utente:

  1. dichiara che:
    • ogni diritto sui Contributi che pubblica sul Sito in occasione della partecipazione all'Iniziativa appartiene all'utente, che resta l'unico responsabile di qualsiasi danno o azione che Studio Angelo Gennari eventualmente si trovi a subire a causa della pubblicazione dei Contributi;
    • i Contributi pubblicati dall'utente non contengono materiale che potrebbe ostacolarne la pubblicazione, ad es. osceno, razzista, diffamatorio, blasfemo, pedopornografico e sono originali, cioè non violano diritti di proprietà intellettuale e industriale di terzi , né alcun diritto d'autore, marchio, segno distintivo, brevetto ecc.;
  2. autorizza Studio Angelo Gennari ad effettuare un eventuale controllo di ammissibilità sui Contributi, con la finalità di escludere quelli che contengano materiale che possa essere considerato lesivo del decoro, della dignità personale o che risultino offensivi, diffamatori, osceni, indecenti, ingiuriosi o che incitino all'odio, alla violenza o a comportamenti pericolosi o che attentino o incitino a contravvenire a disposizioni legislative o regolamentari;
  3. cede a Studio Angelo Gennari, a titolo gratuito e definitivo, ogni diritto di pubblicare ed utilizzare i Contributi per finalità commerciali relative a prodotti di Studio Angelo Gennari, sui siti internet di titolarità di Studio Angelo Gennari e/o di terzi, nonché sui propri prodotti commerciali o su qualsiasi altro supporto (anche nella forma modificata e/o riadattata e/o figurativa scelta da Studio Angelo Gennari), senza limiti di tempo e di spazio e senza alcuna opposizione, per la riproduzione, pubblicazione e diffusione e per la comunicazione od esecuzione attraverso ogni mezzo ritenuto opportuno o necessario quali, a titolo puramente esemplificativo, TV, stampa, affissioni, cinema, libri, Internet e in qualsiasi altra forma o mezzo di trasmissione, od esecuzione, esistente o di futura invenzione;
  4. presta il consenso a Studio Angelo Gennari per l'utilizzo della propria immagine eventualmente conferita (in qualunque dei contesti di cui al precedente punto C) per tutto il periodo di durata del Sito, ai sensi dell'art. 96 della legge sul diritto d'autore.