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This production system is based on the hi pressure injection of the liquid plastic into a mould fit on a horizontal open press. Originally the plastic is feeded to the press under form of grains, turned into liquid at 200°C around. As the plastic is polymerized into the cavity the mould open automatically and release the piece. Moulds are in hi resistance steel to guarantee hi production series and long lasting without extra maintenance.

Thermoplastics marked a keystone in all the fields of serial production and gaigned big sectors of applications once heritage of other materials (for instance automotive and home appliances) due to a wide range of esthetical and mechanical performances.

In the furnishing the wider application is the home, office and outdoor chairs, followed by the home objects. The need of the design to create always more acctractive the plastics surfaces and shapes stimulated the production of other materials that the current polypropilene: Abs, Polycarbonate, PA several versions, various Blends. With those last products we can get, by the mirror polishing of the mould cavity, very smart shiny finishes.

Not to be forgotten: the Azote Gas injection aid. It allows to get wide sections, hollow, very strong and with no surface defects. By the gas injection aid a huge quantity of design chairs and armchairs have been produced in the last 15 years.