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The Plastic Rotomoulding is to pour a qty of plastic powder into a mould (generally made in aluminium) fixed on a multiarms Carosel. The polymerization of the Plastic is due to a combination of heat plus rotation of the same mould.

Plastic for rotomould are polytene, policarbonate, polypropilene, nylon.

This technology begun around 40 years ago as replacement of some parts previously made in Fiberglass (Liquid for Agricolture treatments) or Steel Plate (Tanks). It became an interesting application for Automotive, Industrial Machines, Outdoor and Indoor Complements, Lamps, Naval components, Hospitality Furnishing and Equipments.

At the moment we also have very important New Materials as: the Polytene Easy clean, Polytene Soft Touch and a New Patented Moulding Machine to implement the quality of the Polycarbonate.