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The improving of the production processes of the metal plates as well as the attention of designers to these materials, allowed the esthetical improvement of the finished products, starting from office cabinets and home complements.

Out of the steel plate cold laminated in the last years the consumption of stainless steel and aluminium sheets in the various finishes has raised also for outdoor purposes.

Also concerning the profiles (laminated in steel or extruded in aluminium), we have acknowledged the improvements of the welding systems, of the powder coating, of Galvanic coats, of Anodyze.

Nowadays we can argue than 50% of the chairs, tables and complements for the home worldwide are produced by steel, aluminium, stainless steel.

In the last years we have implemented the know how of being Global Supplier. The Tables, Chairs, Trolleys are supplied finished, assembles and packed since we take care of Purchasing and control components as Thermoplastics, Wooden, Market components.

We have implemented our know how to have a better performance for Outdoor Items: the New Cleaning and Brushing, the Pre-treatments, the new Fillers and Powder coats, the new Glues.