I'm an expert of technologies, materials and supply chain. I have been Manager of the Purchasing Service for important brands of the Mechanical and Furnishing Industry; I organized delocating and outsourcing for a long time.

Out of the important Know how related to the International Purchase Operations and Agreements, I'm specialized for:

  • Official Requirements for Furniture and Complements made out for Public ocupancies (Upholstered seats, Lamps, Fire resistant Plastics, Wood and Laquers)
  • Certifications for the safety of chairs and tables
  • Certification for Food related Items
  • Customs and Logistics

We are focused in developing the production for important Brands through a selected Network of Subcontractors in Italy, in Europe, in Asia.

In Italy we produce Furniture and Components made out from:

  • Aluminium & Steel
  • Ceramic slabs large size
  • Composite wooden panels, real wood faced, melamin or laminate faced, laquered
  • Curved plywood
  • Foamed polyurethane
  • Glass or Mirror large formats
  • Leather
  • Plastic by injection moulding
  • Plastic by roto moulding

In Europe we produce Home objects made out from:

  • Ceramics, Artistic or extra strenght
  • Glass, Cristal, Pyrex, Hand Blown
  • Glass, pressed
  • Metal sheets for deep pressing
  • Metal sheets for hi temp enamel
  • Solid Wood, turned

In Asia we produce:

  • Carpets
  • Cutlery in stainless steel
  • Home objects in stainless steel, silver plated, aluminium, copper and brass
  • Home textile
  • Natural and plastic fibers vowen furniture for indoor and outdoor
  • Solid wood furniture for indoor and outdoor
  • Tableware in Bonechina
  • Tableware in Melamin resin
  • Tableware in Porcelain
  • Tableware in Stone
  • Wax candles & Ambient scents
Studio Angelo Gennari

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