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My studies has developed in the field of civil engineering with a focus very close to architecture: the specialization in the branch of restructuring and restoration has led me to a thorough technical-aesthetic knowledge of both the original materials and those of new generation. At the same time, my strong inclination towards information technology and new technologies has led me to undertake a path of deepening knowledge in the ICT, web design, computer graphics fields and photography.

Currently I am actively engaged in IT consulting, graphic design and website development for different professional fields as a freelance consultant for both companies and freelancers.

  • IT consultancy
    Dedicated hardware and software solutions for every professional field, suitably designed to meet every need and sector: able to maximize work efficiency also in view of future evolutions of the usage scenarios.
    - Design and configuration of advanced and dedicated IT systems (server/workstation)
    - Network infrastructures (wired and wireless)
    - Network storage systems DAS, NAS, SAN, JBOD
  • Web Design
    Design and development of dynamic websites (portals, e-commerce, portfolios, etc.) based on different platforms and languages. Supported by a deep knowledge of the quality standards disseminated by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), I develop and coordinate each project at each stage.
    - Graphic design and ad hoc responsive layout
    - SEM & SEO
    - Copywriting
    - Adversiting
  • Computer Graphic
    In the field of computer graphics I propose my consolidated experience elaborating and developing projects of three-dimensional models. The settings obtained are also processed for rendering purposes or animation graphics to provide maximum real yield.
    - Realization of three-dimensional models
    - Renderizzazione
    - Sketch and explode 3D
  • Photography
    To propose a complete offer in the graphic field and in the creation of ad hoc designed websites, I create photographic services both indoors and outdoors with professional equipment, accessories and optics suitable to cover every shooting need.
    - Realization of photographic services
    - Post production
  • Privacy and Data Security Consultancy
    Privacy Consultancy regarding the protection of personal data in compliance with current legislation (European and national). A privacy control plan is defined in order to adopt the most suitable solutions for the protection of personal and sensitive data.
    - Risk assessment of systems and measures designed to guarantee the security of personal data
    - Data Protection Manager or DPO (Data Protection Officer)
    - Drafting of Informative Privacy